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LEMON LAW GURU - We Are Experienced Litigators


What makes LEMON LAW GURU stand apart from other Lemon Law firms is its partnership with The Law Offices of Natan Davoodi. The Law Offices of Natan Davoodi has a success rate of over 99% and has proven itself time and time again in litigation.  


Whereas other lemon law "firms" only write demand letters, LEMON LAW GURU has a network of skilled litigators and attorneys who actually litigate a matter. Because of LEMON LAW GURU's partnership with THE LAW OFFICES OF NATAN DAVOODI, we've been able to achieve over a 99% success rate in our lemon law cases. 


Many times, a consumer retains an attorney who will simply write a demand letter after demand letter without actually achieving anything. Although an informal demand letter may succeed in offending a reader, it may not be able to achieve any real purpose. You need a skilled litigator who can bring years of insight and strategy to resolve a case efficiently. 


With our litigation experience as our momentum, it's no surprise as to how we've been able to achieve over a 99% success rate on our Lemon Law cases!

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