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Natan Davoodi, Esq.

Mr. Davoodi is the founder of The Law Offices of Natan Davoodi and LEMON LAW GURU. Passionate about a relentless pursuit of truth and community, Mr. Davoodi has a background showcasing this philosophy. 

He received his B.A. from UCLA (Magna Cum Laude) in Sociology and his Juris Doctorate from Southwestern Law School. His experience lies in contract negotiations, business ventures, and transactional law.  


Seeking to find a balance between family life and work, Mr. Davoodi opened his own firm, aptly named The Law Offices of Natan Davoodi. In the years the firm has been open, he's handled hundreds of cases and matters ranging from informal disputes to formal complaints, trials and appeals. 
This broad range of matters has allowed Mr. Davoodi to see all aspects of the legal system from different perspectives, which in turn allows seeing and using creative strategies to accomplish the needs of the client. 
In one memorable case, he settled a $200,000 complaint with two letters and $14.37 in printing and mailing costs. 
In continuing his mission to fight for consumers, Mr. Davoodi recently launched LEMON LAW GURU - a firm devoted solely to representing consumers who have purchased a defective vehicle. 
In his spare time, Mr. Davoodi enjoys spending time with his family, writing, photography, micro-calligraphy and automotive sports. 
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